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The Inspiration

“ The Brashers ”

Lee Brasher met Debbie in 1987 at a Rock’n’Roll night. Lee went home that night and said to his Dad….“I’m going to marry that girl”

He taught Debbie to dance, their mutual love of the ’50s made them the perfect match.

Married in 1991, they were blessed with a son Corey in 1992 and daughter Tiarnie in 1996 making their loving family complete.

They purchased their first classic car in 2001, a 1951 Ford Twin Spinner convertible, the pride of their collection today, several more cars, along with Elvis, Betty Boop statues, memorabilia and 50’s music has been acquired to form quite a collection over the years.

Corey and Tiarnie always had a huge love of the music and era of the ’50s, it was a natural part of their lives.

The family was torn apart in 2018 with the loss of Corey from Asthma.

Their love and memories are what hold the family together and speaking from the heart….

“Corey will always be the driver of our family’s bond and togetherness, this adventure will represent everything we love as a family, from cooking (Tiarnie’s passion), 50’s music, memorabilia, classic cars and good times….

 'Fonzies' will grow from strength to strength and memories will be created not only for us but it is our promise, for all those that visit.


The Diner

Hello from Fonzies Diner!

Who doesn’t love the 50’s era?

Our love of Rock’n’Roll has given us rewarding experiences …the music… Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly. From dancing to driving classic cars, collecting memorabilia and meeting the greatest bunch of people who are now our closest of friends. 


What better idea than to open a 50’s diner…to share and create new memories with new friends and old.  We would love everyone to come down and enjoy the songs of the era, soak up the atmosphere, get a glimpse of classic cars (we're sure there will be one out the front at most times), look at the memorabilia found over the years and reminisce the past, all while sitting, relaxing and enjoying a burger and milkshake.


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